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Why linear motors high prices

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    With the rapid development of science and technology, the application of linear motor is more and more, and the brand of linear motor in our country is getting more and more mature. However, the price of a linear motor is still a little higher than that of a conventional ball screw. In a 10 ¦Ìm positioning system, the total cost of using a linear motor is roughly twice that of a ball screw.

    The high cost of a linear motor depends on the following:

      Materials costs, such as permanent magnets, copper and other high-performance materials; the cost of this material relative to traditional motors is higher. At present, abundant rare earth magnet resources are also found in China. In recent years, this has reduced the hardware price of linear motors.

      Second, the linear motor system accessories supporting the higher cost, such as linear encoders, drives and other core technologies of these products are still in foreign countries, the price drop down in the short term. Due to the high precision requirements of linear motors, the main parameters need to meet certain standards, which makes the cost of linear motors high.

       Although the linear motor cost is high, the linear motor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, strong follow-up, high precision, high reaction speed, high sensitivity, simple maintenance and long service life. Is unmatched by tradition.

      Kunshan TongMao Electronics Co., Ltd. independently developed high-quality, high-performance linear motor using advanced technology standards in Europe and the United States, technology and testing tools, its quality and power performance reached the international advanced level, can completely replace similar foreign products. With our years of professional design and production of linear motors, excellent quality and superior dynamic performance, the company's linear motor products have been recognized and identified many large customers at home and abroad, 70% of the products are sold to Europe and the United States and other developed countries, such as Germany , The United States, the Netherlands, Malaysia and so on.

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