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Voice coil motor is about to set off 2018 boom

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      China's voice coil motor also carried out some of the development, started late, the study focused on engineering design and motor torque constant test these two areas. And some research institutes and institutions in the process of research, on the contrary, the domestic market is still quite broad prospects for use, from the beginning Chi Chi 2017, voice coil motor has been rapid development, set off 2018 voice coil motor boom.

       Kunshan Tongmao voice coil motor as a professional manufacturer of linear motor manufacturers, has introduced suitable for laser cutting equipment industry, optical coupling equipment, semiconductor components manufacturing equipment industry, flat panel display industry, printing equipment industry, bio-medical equipment industry, precision instrumentation industry, Electronic components, surface mount equipment industry, PCB testing equipment industry, logistics equipment industry in different areas of application of products and the formation of a standardized and serialization; the same time, the company has a professional intellectual equipment, testing equipment and engineering and technical team for Customer Harsh Applications Voice coil motor, voice coil modules, linear modules and precision linear platform fast and professional development and customization.

     Kunshan TongMao voice coil motor development based on ingenuity, the development never stop.

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