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Smoke-free, tasteless, noise-free - clean, linear motor

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    The first introduction of linear motors, with Mao-linear motor is a closed magnetic field by expanding the open magnetic field, the direct conversion of electrical energy into linear motion of mechanical energy, without any intermediate conversion mechanism of the transmission. Its structure can be seen as a rotary motor cut in the radial direction, and the motor developed in a straight line and the circumference formed. The stator is equivalent to the primary of the linear motor. The rotor is equivalent to the secondary of the linear motor. When primary current is applied, the traveling wave magnetic field is generated in the air gap between the primary stages. When the traveling magnetic field and the secondary permanent magnet act Under the driving force, in order to achieve linear motion of moving parts. So there is no smoke, tasteless, noise-free features.

     What are the most environmental requirements for linear motors? Why linear motor love clean? After reading the explanation there is the answer.

     First, the linear motor cleanliness requirements of the environment

     Linear motor under normal circumstances, no oil, no moisture, no serious dust environment to use, clean level 1000 are no problem.

Second, the use of linear motors in a vacuum environment
     Tongmao linear motor with non-core linear motor and core linear motor, non-core series linear motor with the actual vacuum with a performance of 2.4x10-5 Torr, and after the actual operation of customers more than 24 hours of testing, because the use of A special material.

    I believe we all know that smoke-free, tasteless, noise-free, clean linear motor love it.

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