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The same volume with the voice coil motor small size is not small

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     TM Voice coil motor, a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and enables linear and limited swinging movements. The same voice coil motor generates a regular movement using the interaction between the magnetic field from the permanent magnets and the magnetic poles in the magnetic field generated by the energized coil conductors. Because the voice coil motor is a non-commutated power device, its positioning accuracy depends entirely on the feedback and control system, and has nothing to do with the voice coil motor itself. With the proper positioning feedback and sensing device its positioning accuracy can easily reach 10NM, acceleration up to 300g (the actual acceleration also depends on the load conditions).

      The basic principle is the same whether they are linear or oscillating. When a conductive conductor passes through a magnetic field, it generates a force perpendicular to the magnetic field line. The magnitude of this force depends on the length of the conductor passing through the field, the strength of the magnetic field, and the current. The voice coil motor is a simple device that converts current into mechanical force so its positioning and force control are achieved by a position feedback device and a controller whose accuracy is determined by the controller and has nothing to do with the voice coil motor itself.

       Voice coil motor is mainly used for small stroke, high speed, high acceleration, suitable for small space. The most common is the camera phone autofocus function is entirely by the entire drive to complete. Want to know the knowledge of the voice coil motor, welcome to visit the company's official website:

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