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Raise the secret of a linear motor here

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     Improve the secret of linear motor Here, the linear motor thrust is the main indicator of linear motor parameters, generally divided into rated thrust and maximum thrust, as the servo motor rated torque and maximum torque is to choose the main parameters of linear motor models. The peak thrust of the motor depends on the safety margin of the electromagnetic structure of the motor.

     Tongmao linear motor has high electrical load. In the design of linear motor, in order to improve the thrust density of linear motor, temperature and temperature calculation software is used to analyze temperature and temperature distribution. In winding parameter design, by adjusting the winding turns and other parameters to obtain the appropriate back-EMF parameters (unit linear velocity back EMF), to ensure that the linear motor to reach the maximum operating speed under the premise of improving back-EMF constant to improve The thrust generated by the unit current, thereby further enhancing the linear motor thrust density. For the end force caused by the end effect of the permanent magnet linear motor, its design analysis is minimized. Based on the theory of permeable wave, the method of optimizing the primary length is used to change the phase of the guided wave at both ends of the permanent magnet linear motor, so as to weaken the end force.

     The design of the same machine with linear motor makes the linear motor have many unique advantages over the mechanical system, such as very high speed and very low speed, high acceleration, almost zero dimension (no contact parts), high precision and no free return. Completing the linear motion requires only a motor without gears, couplings or pulleys, which makes sense for many applications and removes unnecessary parts that reduce performance and shorten the mechanical life.

     Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of linear motor technology research, development, linear motor, linear module, precision linear motor platform intelligence and sales. The company's products are applied to the following areas: laser cutting equipment industry, semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry, flat panel display industry, printing equipment industry, medical equipment industry, precision instrumentation industry, electronic components surface mount equipment industry, PCB testing equipment industry, logistics equipment Industry and so on.

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