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Tongmao linear motor applications

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     In recent years, the linear motor in the thrust, high-capacity development is relatively fast. Its applications include: Linear motorized rail transit (subway and light rail) applications beginning in the 1980s in Canada, Changzhou, the United States and Malaysia are now developing rapidly, particularly in Changzhou and China.

     The application of linear motor-driven urban rail transit, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following points:
a. The same capacity, lower body height, reduce the tunnel area, reduce costs, land savings;
b. climbing ability, turning radius is small, reduce civil construction, reduce costs, route selection, convenient transfer;
c. Non-contact traction, energy saving, low noise;
d. train acceleration and deceleration, high efficiency;
e. less maintenance, low operating costs;
f. Compared with the traditional subway, with the exception of the locomotive at the bottom of the change, the general mode of construction remained unchanged;
g. long-term safe operation record. The Vancouver Skytrain safely transported 450 million passengers and operated more than 1 billion kilometers in 14 years.

     The development of linear motors for high thrust and high capacity In addition to the applications of subways and light rail applications, the application of maglev traffic is also an attractive part. At present, some areas are still moving forward in the field of maglev traffic driving technology. For example, Changzhou, Germany, the United States and other countries carry out R & D and application in different ways. China's Shanghai-Hangzhou Maglev line is still working.

     The development of linear motors in large thrust and large capacity is also reflected in the large equipment such as oil pumping units. Oil pumping units driven by linear motors in oilfields draw more oil than conventional pumping units at the same time , Can save 20% ~ 40%.

In addition, large thrust, high-capacity linear motor is still large-scale chemical equipment, construction equipment and other large industrial, civilian applications have been applied, the effect is obvious.

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