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Voice coil motor can help

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     Voice coil motor can help "China's eye" glance through the universe In October of this year, China's "Eye of the Moon" 500-meter spherical radio telescope (FAST) in Guizhou Province of China once screened two pulsars. In the past two months, China's eye has become more and more in-depth understanding of space. In recent days, good news came again. Three new pulsars were discovered in China's FAST Eye and have been certified!

      Voice coil motors are indispensable helpers for astronomers' research and are widely used in astronomical telescopes, laser communications, image stabilization systems, adaptive systems, tracking aids, and laser emission optics. So what is voice coil motor?

     Voice coil motor, also known as the voice coil motor is a special form of direct drive motor, can be converted directly into electrical energy linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism drive. Has a simple structure, small size, high speed, high acceleration response and other features. The principle of operation is that the energized coil (conductor) exerts a force when placed in a magnetic field, the magnitude of the force being proportional to the current applied to the coil. Based on this principle voice coil motor movement can be straight or circular arc.

     With the use of European and American motors Mauma technical standards and production processes, the motor structure is simple, small size, stable force characteristics, easy to control, compatible with multi-brand motion controllers and drives. Tongmao standard linear voice coil motor thrust can reach 5000N, travel up to 300mm; swing voice coil motor peak torque up to 50N.M, swing angle greater than 120 degrees; the same time, with our voice coil motor industry is rich The structural design, sample production and production experience, to provide customers fully meet the high performance, high quality, low cost, short delivery requirements of custom voice coil motor.

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