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Voice coil motor allows the robot flexibility

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    Voice coil motor allows the robot flexibility, there is such a magical robot, it can grow like a vines, soft body extends to all corners of the movement, and this seemingly weak boneless robot, is a flexible robot.

    Flexible robot refers to completely composed of flexible materials, there is no excess rigid structure in them, so the flexible robot must have three characteristics: high flexibility, deformability and energy absorption characteristics, the characteristics of flexible robots are essential to use Voice coil motor, voice coil motor makes the flexible robot more flexible.

    How to make the robot to achieve high flexibility and deformability, flexible robot composition materials, driving methods are different from the traditional two-dimensional robot.

    The first is the composition of flexible robot material, it is not only easy to deform bending flexibility, but also must take into account its driving mode, the current voice coil motor is the most common through the 3D printing material to create a flexible robot's "shell" For example, using hydrogels to create a soft gel-like robot.

    In the driving mode, the voice coil motor with high reliability, cost-effective, flexible displacement control, high speed, high acceleration, clean, low noise, you can also use a linear motor to suppress its vibration in order to achieve end-effector fast, Accurate positioning of the purpose.

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