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Why TongMao linear motor so popular?

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       Why is the linear motor so popular? With the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials in the 1970s, rare earth permanent magnet linear motors came into being. Linear motor excitation using rare earth permanent magnet, permanent magnet magnetizing can produce a permanent magnetic field. Its excellent excitation performance, because of stability, quality, reduce losses, etc. are better than electrical excitation motor and shake the traditional motor market.

         In recent years, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, the properties and processes of electromagnetic materials, especially rare earth electromagnetic materials, have been gradually improved and improved. Coupled with the rapid development of power electronics and electric drive technology and automatic control technology, permanent magnet synchronous Linear motor performance is getting better.

        With the advantages of light weight, simple structure, small size, good characteristics and large power density, the permanent magnet linear motor produced by Kunshan Tongmao has the advantages of quiet, no-noise, maintenance-free, straightforward brushless linear motor, long life, small volume, Application in the smart home will bring you a comfortable and healthy life. Want to know more linear motor information, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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