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Linear motor technology at this stage

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    Linear motor stage of the technology is divided into: linear motor design technology, linear motor simulation technology, linear motor control technology

    Linear motor design technology: Linear motor compared with the ordinary motor, linear motor stability, greatly improved reliability, but also greatly improved the efficiency. Among them, U-groove linear motor with high efficiency, high power factor, the unit power density, weak magnetic expansion and strong dynamic response speed advantages, as a drive motor ideal. After researching, the general method of reducing cogging torque is to change the pole arc coefficient, reduce the slot width of the stator, the chute and the pole slot, change the pole position, size and shape. However, it should be noted that reducing the cogging torque may have other effects on the motor, such as the electromagnetic torque may be smaller. So in the design, we should try to balance various factors, so that the motor performance to achieve the best.

    Linear motor simulation technology: Finite element calculation method allows us to calculate and analyze the motor electromagnetic field more convenient, faster and more accurate. This is a numerical method that evolved from the difference method and is now widely used in science and engineering. Mathematically, we divide some continuous solution domains into a group of group elements, and then slice-divide each element. In this way, a linear interpolation function is formed. That is, the approximation function uses finite element analysis to simulate. It enables us to visually observe the distribution of magnetic flux and magnetic flux density inside the linear motor.

    Linear motor control technology: vector control method used in the permanent magnet motor speed control algorithm is widely used, it has a wide range of speed, high efficiency, high reliability, good stability, good economic returns, etc., are widely used in motor Drive, rail transit and machine tool servo and other fields. Due to different purposes, the current vector control strategy used is not the same.

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