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TongMao linear motor 2018 new baked development trend

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    The year 2018 has already begun. Tongmao Linear Motor will also analyze the present situation of research on the development of linear motor industry, the technologies and development trends at this stage, and most of my friends.

    Rare earth permanent magnet material has gone through three stages, namely SmCo5, Sm2Co17, Nd2Fe14B, and now the most outstanding performance of the permanent magnet material represented by NdFeB, is also the most widely used one, the development of permanent magnet material led to a straight line Motor development.

    We  all know that our study of linear motors started late, with the great efforts of domestic scholars and the government, it has developed rapidly. With the development of microcomputer technology and automatic control technology, linear motor has been widely used in various fields. Due to the current production technology to improve, high precision linear motor, no wear and tear, high acceleration, acceleration and deceleration process is short, etc., making Tau linear motor in all industries to play most vividly. For more information on linear motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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