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Because of professional, so choose, TongMao linear motor

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     Because of professional, so choose, with Mao linear motor, when you see these words, is not it feel very familiar ah, yes. Often familiar things, or products, or companies, we are not yet everyone really understands.

    When the company needs to use a linear motor, want to purchase, the problem came, re-election What kind of linear motor is most suitable for their own use? Not used before, will use it? Will it be installed? How to maintain it? A series of problems followed.

    Many people in the choice of time, will be asked why the choice here, when buying a linear motor, many people will choose with Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. with the production of linear motor, there are many friends in the purchase of Baidu thousands Hundred times, which linear motor is good?

    Have bought Kunshan Tongmao linear motor friends all know that our products are good linear motor, why choose to buy our linear motor, because of professional, so choose.

    Customers who have used Tongmao linear motor, the first impression of Tongmao linear motor is professional, Kunshan Tongmao all employees have very professional skills. Web site customer service will promptly communicate with you, understand your needs; Technical Director will immediately communicate with you, according to your needs to help you develop the linear motor you need. Due to the technical standards and production processes adopted by the TOM linear motors in Europe and the United States, the motor has the advantages of simple structure, small size, good followability, stable force characteristics, easy control and compatibility with multi-brand motion controllers and drivers.

    Kunshan Tongmao linear motor can come to provide staff training until you have a better understanding of the entire technology. We can from a more professional point of view, so that you feel more comfortable buying and use, from a professional perspective to teach customers how to maintain and care products, the product of longer life.

    Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan, China is a few with voice coil linear motor R & D custom capacity manufacturers. Its own plant 3000 square, and a number of clean motor assembly lines. ISO9001 certified enterprises, its own large and medium-sized machining centers and linear motor performance testing machine. The standard rails provide unlimited travel, single-axis platform systems and multi-axis systems, allowing customers to install directly into the equipment. At the same time can also be customized according to customer needs, whether it is pre-sale or after-sales service in the entire are fully guaranteed, if you have a demand on the linear motor, if you think there are technical problems, to find Kunshan with Mau, we Have the most professional team, the most core technology, all the problems you face is not a problem, we will help you solve the problem. Welcome customers to negotiate or telephone consultation: 400-007-7724

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