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TongMao linear motor is different

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     What is the difference with the Maui linear motor, first of all, we have to know what is a linear motor, so today and Mao Xiaobian talk to you about what is a linear motor, and with the Mau straight motor how different.

    Tongmao linear motor is a direct conversion of electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy, without the need for any intermediate converter gear. We also call them linear motors, linear motors, linear motors, push rod motors.

    Tongmao linear motor is the most commonly used linear motor type is a flat-type linear motor, U-groove linear motor and cylindrical linear motor. It has the advantages of simple system structure, less wear, low noise, strong combination and convenient maintenance. Rotary motor has a variety of linear motors almost all have the corresponding varieties.

    Tongmao linear motor structure is simple, because it mainly consists of stator, mover and linear motion of the support wheel three parts. Tongmao linear motor in order to ensure that in the travel range between the stator and the mover has a good electromagnetic field coupling, the stator and mover core length varies. Tongmao linear motor stator can be customized according to customer needs, the stator can be made of long stator and short stator, with the Mao-linear motor stator length is unlimited. This is also a major advantage with the Tau linear motor features.

    With the Mau straight line motor using the European and American technical standards and production technology, with the Mau products are exported to foreign countries, many customers recognized and supported by the same Mau linear motor standard U-linear motor peak thrust up to 2600N, sustained thrust up to 750N, Its positioning accuracy can reach within 0.5um, and compatible with multi-brand motion controller and drive; at the same time, with our extensive structural design, sample production and production experience in the linear motor industry, we can provide customers with fully meet the high performance, high Quality, low cost, short delivery requirements of the custom linear motor. If you want to know more about the linear motor related information, please pay attention to Kunshan Tongma linear motor:

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