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What is a voice coil motor

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    Recently in my life often heard voice coil motor news, then what is the voice coil motor? Voice coil motor is what? Voice coil motor is generally used in where? Can we use a voice coil motor in our life? And so on some doubts, Xiaomao and Mao chat today, what is voice coil motor.

    VCM English Voice Coil Actuator, Kunshan, with Mao voice coil motor is a linear motor sport, belongs to the category of special motor, and it works like a speaker named, VCA small size, light weight, no drive mechanism, High thrust, and accurate positioning, can effectively eliminate noise and self-locking phenomenon, is a very advanced linear motor.

    Voice coil motors are particularly suitable for closed-loop servo applications with short runs. Because of its simple structure, small size, especially suitable for use in some small space. In addition, it responds fast (milliseconds), its small weight, which can achieve high acceleration, high-speed movement can do (up to tens of hertz). Control is simple and reliable, no need to change the device, you can long-term continuous work.

    The voice coil motor produced by Kunshan TongMao adopts the production technology of European and American standards. The working principle of the voice coil motor is based on amperage principle. The voice coil motor made by this principle can be in the form of a straight line or an arc. In other countries, The motor is considered a near-perfect servo drive. Depending on the configuration of the drive, feedback, controller and control algorithms, the voice coil motor typically reaches a frequency of 500-1000 Hz or even higher. The control of position accuracy is also based on a variety of configurations, up to tens of nanometers such precision requirements. If you are interested in our voice coil motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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