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Voice coil motor industry space for development?

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    Voice coil motor industry space for development? 2017 is coming to a successful conclusion. 2018 is full of hope. By the end of the year, the New Year bells 2018 are approaching. In the global economic development of the social environment, the Chinese voice coil motor industry also ushered in the great development this year, new applications voice coil motor after another encounter with many challenges, environmental protection, prices plagued the industry, low-cost The competition is getting stronger and stronger.

    In the new phase of rapid development of the old market and the rapid development of new markets, 2018 will surely evolve more differences in the wave of intellectualization as in 2017. Voice coil motor World Wide Web will review 2017 with several key words and look forward to 2018 in an attempt to summarize the development of the industry as well as the important events and trends and hope to take the opportunity to continue to meet the challenges of the voice coil motor companies Analysis of the future direction of the motor industry will go.

    A company engineer told Micromachine World Wide Web: "This year gave me the impression that 'hard' miserable. Orders sales are up, but profits have been falling, the company has not made any money, and our year-end bonus has gone. Evening canceled, double pay no, working until mid-February on the direct holiday, this year, miserable!

    In this context of the general trend of the environment, Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is still booming, Kunshan Tongmao Electronics is a high-performance, high-quality linear and oscillating motion solutions for professional R & D and manufacturers, the main products for the sound Circle motor and linear motor. Our voice coil motor with excellent quality and perfect after-sale, has been recognized by many customers. Want to know more voice coil motor information, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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