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Tongmao linear motor for our new era of struggle

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    Tongmao linear motor for our tomorrow, farewell brilliant 2017, we are about to usher in the 2018 hopeful. Opening the door of the time, the sunrise in the new era has jumped to the horizon and illuminated the forward path of the Chinese people in forging ahead.

    The struggle in the new era is the course led by the guidance of scientific thinking and grand blueprint. It is a journey of non-stop reform and opening up. It is the process of improving people's livelihood and benefiting the people. To live a good life is the most simple aspiration of the masses. People seek happiness, is our party's goal of all struggle. Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. as independent research and development and production of intellectual-based, but should contribute to our new era of struggle, with Mau Electronics Co., Ltd. produced direct-drive brushless linear motor quiet, noise-free, maintenance-free , Long life, small size, the application in the smart home will bring you a comfortable and healthy life.

    2018, start again. Strive for our new age. I wish every Chinese son and daughter can make better themselves in their struggles and wish the great motherland a brilliant future in our common struggle! Tongmao Linear Motor will continue its struggle for our new era. Want to know more linear motor information, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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