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Domestic AI chips come out, the golden age of the voice coil motor

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   Domestic AI chips come out, the golden age of the voice coil motor, Huaxia core General Processor Co., Ltd. released China's first 64-bit high-end embedded "Great Wall" series CPU / DSP unified processor IP and "Songjiang" series of embedded artificial intelligence Processor IP, and Polaris, a multi-core SoC chip platform based on the fully autonomous IP. This is the first time that China has released an artificial intelligence platform chip with independent intellectual property rights. This not only breaks the monopoly of foreign countries but also initially realizes industrialization, adding an important element to the construction and improvement of China's self-controllable artificial intelligence industrial chain.

    With the rise of the domestic chip industry, servo motor screw structure of the speed and accuracy of the problem can not meet their needs, and voice coil motor has a higher dynamic response characteristics and more efficient design to better meet the chip industry It is required that in the field of the chip industry, the above characteristics of the voice coil motor (VCM) be effectively utilized, and in applications requiring high-precision positioning, high-speed driving and high-precision pressure control, the voice coil motor VCM

    The most commonly used voice coil motor is cylindrical, rectangular voice coil motor, voice coil motor has: simple structure, fast response, high sensitivity, follow-up, good sealing, not afraid of pollution, adaptability, stable and reliable, Long life and other advantages, and thus in the chip industry-related devices and other industries, the widespread use of such motors, the following, the same Mau-motor chip voice coil motor applications

  1. Wire Bonder The wire connector (the wire connecting the electrode of the IC chip and the lead frame with a wire, etc.) to the semiconductor manufacturing apparatus is generally used on the Z-axis mechanism and the XY table mechanism. The Z-axis mechanism is a mechanism for moving up and down with respect to the IC chip on the XY stage and connecting the electrode and the lead frame with a metal wire. XY table mechanism is due to change the connection position, so that the IC chip electrode and the lead frame table moving agencies.

  2. Effective Buffer (Shock Absorber) In order to ensure the processing accuracy in semiconductor-related devices, the vibration of the foundation on which the device is placed and the vibration of the driving device provided on the device must be suppressed. The original is the spring and fluid (liquid, gas) passive or active vibration suppression, due to the VCM simple structure, good response characteristics, but also to detect the vibration can offset the operation. This effective shock absorber is very suitable, and thus be actively promoted.

   With the mao voice coil motor peak thrust can reach 5000N, stroke can reach 300mm, swing voice coil motor peak torque to 50N.M, swing angle greater than 120 ¡ã. To learn more voice coil motor information, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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