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Linear motor between the love and maglev

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   Linear motors fall in love with maglev trains. As the application of linear motors in power electronics is more important, the magnetic levitation trains that the world attaches great importance to now have the same viewpoints as the world with their working principles and electromagnetic design features in line with international standards.

    When it comes to linear motors, the first thing people think of is maglev trains. This is natural because maglev trains are prominent examples of the practical use of linear motors. Why maglev train to use a linear motor drive? Let's take a look at the linear motor is a direct conversion of electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy electric drive. It can save a lot of intermediate transmission mechanism, speed up the system to reflect the speed and improve the system accuracy, so it has been widely used.

    Linear motor types according to the structure can be divided into; unilateral flat type, bilateral flat type, disc type, cylindrical type (also known as the tube type); according to the working principle can be divided into: DC, asynchronous, synchronous and step Into and so on. Linear induction motor structure mainly includes the stator, mover and linear motion of the support wheel three parts.

    In order to ensure a good electromagnetic field coupling between the stator and the mover in the travel range, the iron core length of the stator and the mover are not equal. Stator can be made of short stator and long stator in two forms. Due to the long stator structure of high cost, high operating costs, so rarely used. Linear motor and rotating magnetic field is the same, the stator core is also made of silicon steel stacked on the surface with a tooth groove; embedded in the tank three-phase, two-phase or single-phase winding. Maglev fell in love with the linear motor is the inevitable result. Want to know more love of linear motor, please continue to pay attention to Kunshan Tongmao linear motor, Tel: 400-007-7724

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