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Voice coil motor and linear motor difference?

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   Yesterday, a friend asked me a question, the voice coil motor and linear motor difference? , Today with Mao Xiaobian and we talk about the difference between voice coil motor and linear motor.

    Voice coil motor is a special form of direct drive motor. Has a simple structure, small size, high speed, high acceleration response and other features. The principle of operation is that the energized coil (conductor) exerts a force when placed in a magnetic field, the magnitude of the force being proportional to the current applied to the coil. The voice coil motor manufactured based on this principle can be linear or circular.

    A linear motor is a type of mechanical energy that transforms electric energy directly into linear motion by unfolding a closed magnetic field to an open magnetic field without the need of any intermediate transfer mechanism. Its structure can be seen as a rotary motor cut along the radial, and the motor developed in a straight line and the formation of the circumference.

    Voice coil motor is a kind of linear motor, the more commonly used linear motor with Mauma type flat-plate linear motor, U-groove linear motor and cylindrical linear motor, cylindrical linear motor is what we now say the voice coil motor .

    Voice coil motor is mainly small size, short stroke, thrust, high precision, the corresponding time characteristics, the voice coil motor is also a servo motor, closed-loop control mode, you can accurately locate the nano-level.

    Linear motor is one of the biggest advantages of unlimited travel length, simple structure, small size, stable force characteristics, easy control, no performance loss, suitable for vacuum and harsh environments. To learn more voice coil motor information, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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