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Showcase the charm of linear motor

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      The use of linear motors in our lives is very broad, but most of us do not quite understand the linear motor, so ignore it in our lives. So today with Mao Xiaobian for the majority of friends to showcase the charm of linear motor.

      With the rapid development of high-speed machining technology, the requirements on the transmission and control system are getting higher and higher, so that the research on linear motor drive technology is being stepped up.

      Charm one: linear motor is widely used in manufacturing, such as: semiconductor manufacturing equipment applications, laser cutting equipment applications, medical equipment, screen printing, precision machine tool manufacturing equipment, automated logistics and transportation equipment, PCB processing equipment, printing equipment and equipment Applications, precision testing equipment, textile and military machinery and equipment, adhesive delivery, chip processing and processing, label bonding, wire bonding, ion implantation, lithography, textile machinery. Manufacturing industry through the introduction of linear motor control system, not only can significantly improve the processing accuracy and efficiency of these industries, but also reduces wear and energy consumption, while in the application, but also the industrial upgrading of these industries.

      Charm two: Linear motor on China's labor-intensive enterprises also promote the production efficiency. Many labor-intensive industries, which require a lot of labor, if the line of production of linear motors to upgrade to automated production lines, can greatly ease the cost of labor, so seek greater efficiency for the enterprise.

     Charm three: Anyway, linear motor industry, but also rapidly narrowing the technological gap between our country and the developed countries in the world. Imagine, without the development of linear motors, many high-tech research and development will be difficult.

      Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. ( is a professional supplier of linear motors. The company's high-intelligent linear motors are widely used in various fields of machinery manufacturing and processing. In order to make customers more direct and convenient The use of linear motors, the Division I also introduced a variety of models of linear motor modules, follow-up we will also continue to focus on research and development to create more adapt to the market, suitable for customer needs of the linear motor module, a lot of friends are welcome to pay attention to the same TongMao linear motor.
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