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Linear motor speed applications related to 3D printing industry

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     Linear motors are about the speed of 3D printing industry applications. Linear motors are skillfully used in 3D printing. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is considered a new type of manufacturing process compared to the traditional manufacturing of subtractive materials technology.

      3D printing in China is not the first to start, but in recent years the rapid development of linear motors, applications continue to expand to many industries, so all kinds of 3D printing products gradually into people's daily lives.

      The new reference to a linear motor accelerates the application of 3D printing. Today, 3D printing can be used as luminous function, such as printing a map, using 3D printing technology can print a luminous map, a breakthrough in the dark In the environment, you can see the plants and trees on the map, and it can work even in the absence of special light scenes. In the light out of the room, you can clearly see every detail above. This luminous map is made using 3D printing technology, are very rare in the world.

      Linear motors combine the 3D printing technology with geographic information technology to create combat sandboxes that break through a number of worldwide challenges and reach world-class levels in map accuracy while dramatically reducing time and capital costs. The use of linear motors is incalculable.

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