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On the Future Development of Linear Motor in China and Abroad

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       On the future development prospects of linear motors at home and abroad, take us with Mau Electronics Co., Ltd. for the production of linear motors, with the Mao-linear motor in the high-speed, high-precision aspects of the development should be in the medical field. With the change of the medical model, people are demanding more and more health and medical services, and also require the accuracy and application range of medical devices to meet the requirements of patients and medical workers. However, the traditional medical devices, due to the limitation of the transmission mode , Its accuracy, application range and so difficult to meet the existing medical needs. Therefore, it needs to be improved and improved. The emergence of linear motor drive system and the application of traditional medical devices has been greatly improved the application.

       Linear motor drive technology guarantees high performance levels and higher efficiency and convenience than conventional motor drives that convert rotary and linear motion with high speed and accuracy that conventional drives can not achieve. In recent years, the development trend of linear motor at home and abroad can be summarized into three aspects, namely: First, to the development of high-speed, high precision; Second, to a large thrust, large capacity development; Third, the development of logistics equipment.

       With the Mau straight-line motor can be widely used in many areas its many aspects are due to the advantages of the Mau linear motor brought with the Mau linear motor advantages simply described as the following points:

  1. Tongmao linear motor with high speed, the speed is very smooth, high transmission strength, thrust stable, with the Mao-straight motor using direct drive to improve the transmission strength, linear motor layout, according to the shape of the machine tool rail surface structure and its movement Of the force to the layout, usually designed to uniform symmetry, so that its thrust smooth movement.
  2. With the Mau linear motor with high response, in general, the electrical components than the mechanical transmission parts of the dynamic response time to several orders of magnitude smaller. As the cancellation of the system response time larger screw and other mechanical transmission parts, the entire closed-loop servo system greatly enhance the dynamic response.
  3. Tongmao linear motor with unlimited travel length, no performance loss
  4. Tongmao linear motor with high acceleration, acceleration and deceleration process is short
  5. Tongmao linear motor with zero backlash, direct drive technology
  6. Tongmao linear motor with zero return clearance and flexibility
  7. Tongmao linear motor with zero running, no wear, low noise, brushless design
  8. Tongmao linear motor is suitable for vacuum and harsh environment.

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