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TongMao voice coil motor is a direct drive motor do you know?

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      TongMao voice coil motor is a direct drive motor do you know? What is "direct drive technology"? This question is the one I've heard most recently, and in short, the technique of directly coupling a moving load with a motor mover. We know that ordinary motor drive mechanism is the motor mover through the motor shaft and then through a series of mechanical transmission such as couplings, screw, timing belt, rack, reducer, etc. connected to the load in the process, from Mechanical angle has increased the existence of the gap, elastic deformation, friction damping and so on the possibility of factors, resulting in equipment rigidity, the response characteristics of the reduction and loss. However, motors that use direct drive technology to drive the load avoid and reduce these losses.

     TongMao voice coil motor is a special form of direct drive motor that can directly convert electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism.

     TongMao voice coil motor direct drive of the main advantages are the following:

    1.TongMao voice coil motor direct drive - direct drive eliminates the need for any intermediate connection, without screw, gear, reducer and other intermediate links, to the greatest extent possible to avoid the existence of drive screw drive system backlash, inertia, friction and Rigid issues.
    2.TongMao voice coil motor high precision - due to the use of direct drive technology, greatly reducing the error caused by intermediate mechanical transmission system. The use of high-precision grating detection of position positioning and improve system accuracy, can make repeat positioning accuracy within 1um, to meet the application of ultra-precision occasions.
    3.TongMao voice coil motor - noise, simple structure, low maintenance costs, can run in dust-free environment.
    4.TongMao voice coil motor speed.
    5.TongMao voice coil motor high acceleration.

    6.TongMao voice coil motor low inductance, high response and.

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