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Linear motor-driven handling robot, amazing efficiency

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      Linear motor-driven handling robots, amazing efficiency, intelligent trend in the industry, for the retail giant and logistics companies, the robot has undoubtedly become the best choice to deal with such issues as explosion warehouse, the following let Mau motor to introduce Under the linear motor drive handling robot principle:
   1. Material Handling Use the simple functions of a robot to transport objects. By equipping the robot with the appropriate end of the arm tool (eg gripper), the robot can efficiently and accurately move the product from one position to another, and the robot is driven by a linear motor;
   2. Y axis, up and down by the two parallel arrangement of the movement unit SBD, a belt drive belt, one is not with; this one is connected with the linear motor, the following Root linear motion unit is no power input. Because these two linear motion units are very close together, it can be just a motor with the motor rotating to make the linear movement of the sliding table; this active sliding table is pulled by another linear moving unit through the sliding plate connecting plate Slave slide motion;
   3. The X-axis of the robot consists of two synchronous belt-driven linear motion units SBD arranged in parallel left and right. Because of the distance between them, they need to be connected by a synchronous shaft and driven by the same motor to realize synchronization Power input; two slide is synchronous movement, rather than a slide to pull another slide;
   4. When lifting the heavy object, the robot's Z-axis will often produce a large overturning moment / torque, which needs to be selected according to the overturning moment. The linear motor needs to meet the overturning moment requirements, which often leads to the L1 and L2 indicators Far beyond the actual needs; Because linear motion unit in the design, the main consideration is the L1 and L2 indicators; L1 and L2 indicators far beyond the actual needs, will lead to the size of the exercise unit is too large, the price is too high. This time, if the use of two parallel upper and lower layout of the smaller size of the movement of a unit to replace a unit of the balance of a lot of stress, and the whole system is also very rigid.
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