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Voice coil motor in the semiconductor industry''''''''s role you can not imagine

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     Voice coil motor in the semiconductor industry to play the role you can not imagine, with the vigorous development of the semiconductor industry, more and more needs more efficient and stable structure to meet. Voice coil motor appeared to solve the problem of the speed and accuracy of the traditional motor before, it is undeniable that you?

       The voice coil motor has the advantages of simple structure, fast response, high sensitivity, good follow-up, good sealing, not afraid of pollution, strong adaptability, stable and reliable work, long service life and the like. Therefore, in the field of semiconductor related devices and the like, The use of such motor, voice coil motor market prospects are very broad.

      The following let Mao Mao Xiaobian through this article bring you to understand voice coil motor in the role of the semiconductor industry, is absolutely unimaginable in the past.

    1. Voice coil motor in the lead connector device, are generally used in the Z-axis mechanism and XY table mechanism. The Z-axis mechanism is a mechanism for moving up and down with respect to the IC chip on the XY stage and connecting the electrode and the lead frame with a metal wire. XY table mechanism is due to change the connection position, so that the IC chip electrode and the lead frame table moving agencies.

    2. Voice coil motor in the patch process need to complete the action has three main parts to pick, rotate and place. Pick and rotate only need to move the target position requirements, voice coil motor pickup, rotation are two movements are repeated movements. Chip placement is the most crucial part of the entire chip flow. In order to ensure the reliability of the chip, the link not only needs high-precision position control, but also needs to control the output force of the voice coil motor linear axis, that is, force / bit hybrid control.

    3. In the application of the voice coil motor in an effective snubber, in order to ensure the machining accuracy in semiconductor-related devices, it is necessary to suppress the vibration of the base on which the device is placed and the vibration of the driving device provided on the device. The original is spring and fluid passive or active vibration suppression, due to the simple structure of the voice coil motor, good response characteristics, but also to detect the vibration can offset the operation. This effective shock absorber is very suitable, and thus be actively promoted.

    The same mao voice coil motor platform using a high-efficiency coreless linear motor as the drive components. Our direct drive platform has a higher speed, higher acceleration and stable accuracy performance. Relative to the screw drive, the structure is more compact and more efficient. The uniaxial voice coil motor platform offers the best system solution for applications that require high throughput, high reliability, precision positioning, quiet operation and more. To learn more voice coil motor information, please contact us: 400-007-7724
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