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Engraving machine industry need to introduce a linear motor?

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     Engraving machine industry need to introduce a linear motor? Nowadays, with the development of new technology, there are more and more enterprises that introduce linear motors in the manufacturing industry. So, is it necessary to introduce a linear motor as a carpentry industry? After the introduction of linear motor wood carving how many benefits? Today with Mao Xiaobian and we introduce linear motor woodworking engraving machine on the application of any benefit.

  First of all, let's look at woodworking engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine for wood processing, crystal, copper, aluminum, and so on. Make it more beautiful value. Applicable to the wood industry, advertising signs, furniture manufacturing, toy gift manufacturing, decoration industry, PCB production. Motor drive is an important part of engraving machine, the performance of computer engraving machine machine performance has a crucial impact. For fine machining in woodworking engraving machines, we can make precise machining with linear motors. The linear motors are characterized by low noise, high speed and high precision, suitable for the machining of particularly fine workpieces.

  Now we are talking about computer engraving machine used linear motor into what benefits:
  1. Woodworking engraving machine has a smooth high-speed rotation of the motor, the spindle in the operation of the rotating speed and the issue of low noise,This makes it easier for the operator to easily engrave, because the speed is faster and more efficient operation can be difficult to complete high-speed work.

  2. Long service life, the linear motor structure determines the air cushion and magnetic pad in the middle of the gap, the movement does not appear machine Mechanical contact, there will be no friction and noise, less damage to parts, with high life characteristics, in peacetime use as long as Note that good maintenance can make woodworking engraving machine longer life.

 3. Carving high precision, different carvings need to have high-precision woodworking engraving machine to achieve, so as to the overall look more beautiful pattern is not rough. And high precision woodworking engraving machine in the work of a large number of cutting, the use of high-precision linear motor, it can improve the use of high-precision performance.

 4. Positioning accuracy, woodworking engraving machine not only to achieve fast work but also in the positioning is very precise, so as to use the engraving No mistakes in the process of operation caused the waste of materials. In order to improve the accuracy of woodworking engraving machine, engraving machine are equipped with XY

The axis can be the location of the carved to the most precise degree.
    It can be seen from the above four points that after using Tongmao linear motor in the engraving machine, it is easier to engrave the operators in the woodworking field, the service life of the engraving machine is prolonged, the engraving precision is higher and the appearance is more beautiful At the same time more accurate positioning, and these benefits are derived from Kunshan TongMao Electronics Co., Ltd. produced by the linear motor credit, want to know more about the same TongMao line with the relevant information, please call: 400-007-7724

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