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How to deal with the linear motor of beautiful China''''''''''''''''s goal

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     How Linear Motors Face Beautiful China's Objectives In 2017, the Environmental Inspector believes that many industries are still in a lingering fear. Enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution such as chemicals, paper making, printing and dyeing, and cement have been severely punished and some non-high-pollution Enterprises have also been investigated, the motor industry is no exception. Last year, environmental supervision into the local time, Tongmao linear motor found that many traditional motor companies are more or less affected, and as a linear motor energy saving, may be a sudden emergence of the opportunity; environmental toughening for China's manufacturing industry, we must bear some pain, but it is an opportunity to optimize the industrial adjustment.

      As technology advances, the production process of linear motors has been continuously improved, pollution is greatly reduced, but the production process there are still direct or indirect pollution problems, such as noise pollution, water pollution, dust pollution, and with the Mau Motor The concept of environmental protection runs through the whole process of product realization. In the product concept phase, priority is given to key factors such as new environmental protection technologies and new materials. The production process is optimized periodically to reduce or even eliminate the emission of wastes and waste, to strengthen internal environmental inspection and strictly implement various production Provisions, develop a reasonable way to minimize or even eliminate pollution.

      With the vigorous development of the green economy in our country and the increasingly firm governance of smog, the pollution problems in various industries will be paid more and more attention. Therefore, Tongmao motor in the development of the occasion, taking into account the needs of customers, the linear motor into a low-power products, which is not only related to the well-being of people, but also with the long-term development of enterprises are closely related. Kunshan Tongmao linear motor is the use of European and American technical standards and production processes, in full compliance with the green because of its linear motor structure determines its wear-free, low noise and other points, would like to know more Tongmao-linear motor-related information, welcome To inquire: 400-007-7724

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