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Dual camera phones bring new space to voice coil motors

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       In recent years, with the improvement of 4G network and the popularization of mobile Internet, the emerging field of mobile phone industry has been rapidly growing. Smartphones have now become indispensable products for modern life, entertainment and work. Whether it is global or domestic, smart phones have taken up a growing market share.

      The huge demand in the smart phone market has pushed China to become the largest producer of mobile communication terminals in the world. The outbreak of the smart phone market has also led to the rapid development of the mobile phone upstream parts industry, the demand for the camera module industry also showed a certain growth trend.

      Autofocus motor market in the voice coil motor with its simple structure, small size and other characteristics of a good fit for the mobile phone market for the appearance of the demand, is the mainstream of smart phone camera application technology, occupy a larger market share. With the gradual withdrawal of low-function machines from the market, the dual-camera features of mainstream smartphone brands are gradually gaining popularity, which will significantly stimulate the demand for auto-focus motors and further promote the rapid growth of the voice coil motor industry chain. In recent years the global voice coil motor consumption data as shown below:

         As the competition in the smart phone market intensifies, it is hard to meet the growing demand of consumers due to the competition of the smart phone market. Due to the poor performance of the traditional single camera with poor light imaging, difficulty in focusing more quickly and the inability to perform multi-task shooting. The dual camera through dual image capture, optical zoom, dark image enhancement, 3D photography and modeling technology breakthrough single camera bottleneck, will greatly enhance the camera experience.

       In 2016, the output of dual camera modules in China reached 0.5 billion, and the penetration rate of dual camera smartphones in China reached 5.1%. The gradual development of dual cameras market will significantly promote the camera module and its upstream components manufacturers market demand.

      Tongmao voice coil motor platform uses a high-efficiency coreless linear motor as a drive unit. Our direct drive platform has a higher speed, higher acceleration and stable accuracy performance. Relative to the screw drive, the structure is more compact and more efficient. Single-axis voice coil motor platform for the need for high throughput, high reliability, precision positioning, quiet operation and other applications provide the best system solutions. For details, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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