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Tongmao linear motor sound when it is large?

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        Is Tongmao linear motor loud? This is to buy Tongmao linear motor customers will ask questions, Tongmao Xiaobian today with the help of this article and the majority of customers and friends talk about Tongmao linear motor movement, how loud the sound?

       Tongmao linear motors are quiet and low noise when moving, with a noise level close to "zero" because Tongmao linear motors cancel the mechanical friction of the drive leads and other components, and the rails can be guided by rolling or magnetic suspension levers No mechanical contact), the noise of its movement will be greatly reduced.

        If Tongmao linear motor noise during exercise, then we should find out the reason, the following Tongmao Xiaobian find fault with everyone:
1. Bearing fault caused by noise This is the first thing you should think of, because when the bearing failure occurs when the "wipe" sound, then you should check the bearing is broken? If not broken and found that the inner ring or outer ring, can be set or replace the bearings and end caps.
2. When the linear motor mover winding disconnected, issued a "buzzing" sound, or have a low roar. At this time the speed slows down, the current increases, it should stop checking correction.
3. Lack of phase motor running, roar particularly large. Can be closed again and see if it can be normal start, if you can not start, there may be a phase fuse fuse. Switch and contact contactor phase is not connected to phase loss will occur.
4. Electromagnetic noise, magnetic circuit is unbalanced or unbalanced magnetic force and air gap electromagnetic force generated by the noise, and magnetic flux density saturation or air gap caused by magnetic noise.

        In addition to the above 4 o'clock, Tongmao linear motor is not tight, can also produce vibration, or linear motor mover parts loose, will make a rapping sound or rolling noise; or linear motor vibration caused by poor installation. Therefore, when the linear motor produces abnormal movement and abnormal noise, it not only needs to hear the sound, but also observe other phenomena, such as the existence of coke smell, the magnitude of voltage and current, the overheating of the motor, and the like, to make a correct comparison judgment.

        Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd., has a perfect after-sales service system, 24-hour response in two hours to provide the appropriate solutions, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and 36-hour on-site service, so Tongmao linear motor from noise trouble.

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