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Application of Tongmao linear motor platform drive system

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      Tongmao linear motor platform drive system applications, the past decade, with the high-speed machining technology, precision manufacturing and CNC technology and other advanced manufacturing technology, high-speed, high efficiency and high precision as the current direction of the development of numerical control equipment, The performance of the various functional components of the device is also raised higher.

      High-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision linear motor platform drive system has more and more extensive needs, such as CNC machine tools, semiconductor industry, laser cutting, medical equipment, PCB processing, textile and military machinery and equipment, field.

      The Tongmao Linear Motor platform offers excellent static and dynamic performance and control features combined with a closed-loop control system for precise position positioning. Therefore, in many special applications with short stroke, high precision and high frequency reciprocating motion, Tongmao linear motor platform adopts the high response linear motor direct drive system to give full play to its fast response and high precision to realize the precision of the workpiece Or ultra-precision machining.

      Linear motor platform with a small time constant, good dynamic response characteristics, high thrust strength, low loss and a series of features, especially suitable for high-speed, high speed, high acceleration and production volume, requiring positioning of high precision, speed and speed Change the direction of the frequency of the occasion.

      Tongmao linear motor platform has excellent design, harsh shaft assembly process, with high performance. In order to allow customers to more direct and easy to use our linear motor platform, I also introduced a variety of types of linear slide, follow-up we will also continue to focus on research and development to create more adapt to the market, for customer needs Linear slide, a lot of friends are welcome to pay attention to the same Mau linear motor platform. For more information about linear motor platform, please visit the company's official website or telephone consultation: 400-007-7724

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