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GLENTEK SMB9508 Driver

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Modular driver SMB9508 POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 24-145VDC RATED CURRENT: 4A Peak Current: 8A Input Signal: Pulse and Direction Control Position Loop, + /-10v up to 16-bit precision analog control speed loop, speed and Torque loop; speed receiver, motor temperature, encoder, Hall Sensor Feedback Signal; positive and negative limit, enable and two definable input signals, reset input signals. Output Signal: 2 + /-10V analog output for detection of DSP signals, such as current, voltage, temperature, speed, Torque, etc. . encoder signal output to the upper controller or other detection and follow shaft driver; alarm output. Communication: RS-232 communication port, 115.2 KBAUND, 8Bits, to complete all parameter settings and PID adjustments. Drivable motor: Voice Coil Motor, DC synchronous linear motor dimensions: length 112.7 mm, width 43.7 mm, height 146.1 mm, distance between two mounting holes 95.3 mm multi-axis SMB9508 can be mounted on the base of 2-axis, 3-axis or 4-axis power modules, suitable for multi-axis applications, single or three-phase 110VAC or 220VAC power supply modules are available. Compared with the configuration parameters and debugging equipment of analog Servo potentiometer currently used on the market: 1) SMB9508 has an RS232 communication port to communicate with the computer to facilitate the configuration parameters and debugging; 2) because the use of computer to configure parameters and debugging equipment, so that the consistency of factory equipment; 3) to save time and effort for mass production and after-sales maintenance; 4) easy to eliminate zero drift; 5) easy to achieve positive speed and reverse speed consistency and balance.