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6 Axis Shaker Voice Coil motor Tables

Name£º6 Axis Shaker Voice Coil motor Tables


Note£º6 Axis Shaker Tables Voice Coil Motors

Stewart platform configuration, driven by voice coil motor. Main performance parameters: Top Plate / bottom plate diameter 0.5 m, height 0.17 m, total weight 45 kg (including top plate and bottom plate 40 kg) , load bearing > 100 kg (additional gravity unloading device) , control bandwidth higher than 500 Hz, main mode frequency 4.4 hz ~ 8.5 HZ (Order 1 ~ 6) ; The action lever has a peak force of 80N and a stroke of 5mm. Applications: multi-axis micro-vibration Simulation; multi-axis micro-vibration Active / Passive Control (isolation, suppression) . Note: The bearing capacity, control bandwidth, three-axis translation and three-axis rotation angle of the platform can be further improved by replacing the active element and the hinge element.